2015 CCS Round #3 – Summit Point, WV

Saturday MARRC Practice Day
Sunday DNS
Monday DNS

In order to finish first, first you must finish.  It’s a common phrase heard around the racing pits.  This round summary will be short as I was unable to heed it to the letter.  I was plagued in New Jersey last race weekend by a bad start.  It was an intermittent issue in the low RPM fuel delivery of the race bike that seemed to be the culprit.  I did a good bout of cleaning of the carbs, checked the electric system and could no longer replicate the issue.

We got to the track Friday night, set up for the extended weekend and settled in for a great weekend of racing.

Nothing like a fire at the track

To shorten the story, the track day was going fantastic with practice getting me into the 1:25 range early before lunch, however the fuel delivery issue returned stronger than before.  As the day progressed I decided that the issue was terminal to the race weekend and would need to be addressed now.  At about 3:30 I had the bike completely dissasembled.  With the very generous help of Thomas Zimmerman [LWT #606], Chai [LWT #76], and Brian McGlade [#72] I went about replacing every component I could find.  Spark plugs, ECUs, Coils, wires, cleaned jets, everything but our last ditch idea of “swap on a separate set of carbs”.  When we reached that point there were no spares around and disassembling the few first generation SV bikes lying around would be too risky to the points chase for their riders the next day.

The culprit carbs awaiting a replacement

It was a great showing of the entire LWT team, working together with flashlights, beers, and assorted parts trying to get LWT #909 running again, but at about 9pm I decided to call the weekend.  That left more time to sit by the fire, the ability to sleep in late, and the chance to take some great pictures of the racing on Sunday.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Everyone deserves a nap on a hot day of racing

The LWT #61 pit crew hard at work


A great LWT Turnout


Sam “Outside Pass”


This is when Tony decided to sell his Buell


Never underestimate the friend bringing power of ribs


Heat / Naps / funny pictures. It happens.