2015 CCS Round #7 – NJMP


Saturday – Race #1 GTL Race #7 LWSB Race #17 ULSB

Sunday – Race #5 ULSB Race #11 LWSB

Round 7 at NJMP represents the end of the standard championship.  This is the last weekend that is local to the primarily North East coast LWT Racer team which means some of the team will be hanging up their suits for the year at the end of it.  It is also the last weekend in the Atlantic series points chase.

Proudly displaying the LWT Armada colors.

Proudly displaying the LWT Armada colors.

The team decided to celebrate another fantastic year by throwing one the best track side BBQ [and one of the better meals I’ve ever eaten] on Sat.  That meant we had to spend the entire day smelling a smoker that had started at midnight the night before.  It was hard to concentrate.

The source of the smells.

The source of the smells.

Friday started off rough with LWT #61 the “TimeBomb” having a fuel issue to start things off.  Sam Wiest tried his best to get things running for the weekend.  Thankfully he had a spare bike ready and waiting.

Late night repairs.

Late night repairs.

In Sat’s races I was trying my hardest to keep up with my team challenge teammate Todd Alberico #171.  His pace at New Jersey is fantastic and I had a hard time keeping him in sight the whole day.  The day would end up with me placing 11th in the GTL, 9th in LWSB, and 10th in ULSB.  I knew I could go faster, but I didn’t really know how.

"Family Style"... if your family lived in tents.

“Family Style”… if your family lived in tents.

Fun fact - Tire warmers make great chaffing dishes.

Fun fact – Tire warmers make great chaffing dishes.

Thankfully the next morning after completely stuffing myself on assorted smoked BBQ and beer I was able to have Sam Wiest LWT #61 give me a tow around in practice for a few laps.  His input, while not productive ended up helping me.  He let me know that my lines and brake markers were spot on, I was just braking too much.  So the way to get back at the guys was simple – just let go of the brakes faster. [Trust me, it is NOT that simple, but at least it’s easy to comprehend].  Sam was nice enough to provide this handy chart of where I needed to go faster. [areas circled in red]

Go faster in the red areas...

Go faster in the red areas…

Race #5 on Sunday ULSB I was able to try out my new advice and ended up finishing the race 5th sandwiched between Todd and Dangerous [LWT #215].  Todd didn’t get too far away from me.  I knew that if I could keep him tangled up I would be able to stick with him the whole race.  That became my plan for the final race of the weekend LWSB.  You can catch the video of the race here filmed from on board with Dangerous #215.  The end result was that I was able to squeak past Todd on the last lap with a drafting pass to place me in 7th.  I ended up turning a personal best 1:33.5 chasing down Todd on that last lap. It was a great race and I had a lot of fun thanks to the LWT team.

Sam in quiet contemplation over the "TimeBomb" bike. [it was not running]

Sam in quiet contemplation over the “TimeBomb” bike. [it was not running]

Next up is to stop back at Speedwerks for a tune up before heading to VIR Sept 26-27th for my final team challenge race of the year on bike #171 with Todd.  For bike #909 that will be at VIR for just some seat time to get prepared for the Barber Vintage Motorcycle race weekend in October with AHRMA.

See you at VIR!

See you at VIR!

As always, I couldn’t do any of this without the support of my family and the LWT Armada at the track as well as Speedwerks for giving me the best SV on the grid.