2016 Season Start

The 2016 race season is finally here.  The winter may have lacked the bitter cold it normally brings here in Philadelphia, but it was still too cold to race and I’m happy to see it go.  After ending the season with the closing races at Barber Motorsports park and some instructing at New Jersey Motorsports park in October, I sent the bike down to Speedwerks for the winter shakedown and evaluation after a full 2015 season.

This year the bike may look completely new, but it is essentially the same setup from last year with a few Speedwerks specific bolt-ons for some weight reduction.  The look however was our splurge for this year.  The bike is covered in a custom RC-211v replica bodywork from TYGA performance, with a ZX10r tail on the back.  The advantage this brings, outside from just looking really cool, is a massively reduced frontal area and additional weight reduction from the older and heavily repaired bodywork I have been running for the past 4 years. I still have a few enhancements planned, but we’ll see how the year pans out.


Thin frontal profile

Thin frontal profile


For the 2016 race season, Todd Alberico LWT #171 and I will be returning to defend our top three season finish in the ASRA GTL Team Challenge Endurance series.  I will also be competing this year in CCS Lightweight SuperSport and CCS Ultralight Superbike in the MidAtlantic region.  Our current schedule is below.  If you are interested in attending a race near you, contact me for some guest passes, we could always use the support.

Carolina Motorsports Park: Kershaw, SC   April 8 – 10

New Jersey Motorsports Park: Millville, NJ   April 15-17

Summit Point Raceway: Summit Point, WV   May 28-30

Virginia Int’l Raceway: Danville, VA   June 11-12

New Hampshire Motor Speedway: Loudon, NH   June 18-19

Summit Point Raceway: Summit Point, WV   June 25-26

New Jersey Motorsports Park: Millville, NJ   July 16-17

Summit Point Raceway: Summit Point, WV   August 20-21

New Jersey Motorsports Park: Millville, NJ   September 3-4

Virginia International Raceway: Danville, VA   September 17-18

Here’s to a fantastic 2016 race season, and thank you to our 2016 sponsors:




And my biggest sponsor of all – my Wife.